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Question 1 of 8

Have you ever used your personal email for business purposes?

Question 2 of 8

Do you keep the default password on your internet-connected home devices?

Question 3 of 8

Is your social login and password the same as your online banking login and password?

Question 4 of 8

Do any of your devices (laptop, smartphone, or tablet) open without a password?

Question 5 of 8

Before clicking, do you check email links from unknown senders?

Question 6 of 8

Do you keep your software and operating systems current with the latest updates?

Question 7 of 8

When on public Wi-Fi, like at a coffee shop or airport, have you ever made an online purchase?

Question 8 of 8

Have you ever found a USB drive and plugged it into your computer to see what’s on it?

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  1. Personal Email for Business? No
  2. Keep Default Passwords? No
  3. Bank Login Same as Social? No
  4. Password-Protected Devices? No
  5. Check Suspicious Email Links? Yes
  6. Keep Software Updated? Yes
  7. Public Wi-Fi Shopper? No
  8. Use Random USB Drives? No

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